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Death of Democracy 
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I will be back ?

Whats wrong with Devyani ?
Late King Deependra

I shoot myself on back ?

Paras Shah
 What is that black thing ?
Killing Field!Royal Palace
Crown Prince Paras Shah
Paras !! Prime. Suspect?
Late King and Queen
We don't think that our son kill us ?


Nepal Human Right Commission

Appeal HR | Appeal letter Sign now | Letter to KOFI ANNAN | International Investigation
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If our Nation is lost, our identity and we will be lost:

 'If our Nation is lost, our identity and we will be lost', let you keep this truth in your mind. If any serious incident is happened here, I mean if the democracy and human rights is collapsed, we, the people will be responsible for this. Let we be united and move for peaceful movements to save our Nation, Democracy and Human Rights. Our country is the Country of Lord Buddha and Mt. Everest. The World people love us because of these identities. But, if the Nation is recognized as the land of terrorists, murderers, black marketers, frauds, etc. we will not get any space to put our legs in any country of the world.

I know who is killer  !!

Our identity is our Motherland, so if our motherland is assassinated we all will die'. Our King and all his family is assassinated which is also not smaller than the assassination of our motherland. So, let we be aware of this matter. Let we save our Motherland. Let we move to save Democracy handled us by our late king Birendra. Let we move to make our Nation 'the Zone of Peace' as directed by our late King Birendra. Where king and all his family could be killed and wiped out in minute, there is no  safety and security for normal Nepali citizen, wake up now and let's free our Nation.

News Update :: Today's Hot News

Visiting any web site is not illegal (,  ,, and if Mercantile do not announce that Mercantile is not collecting and distributing collected data to other authorities, then you should change your ISP. MOS must announce that they don't violate any users privacy,....more>>>


Nepal Royal Massacre: CIA did it. More >>>>


Nepal Royal Massacre: Loose Ends. More >>>>


Royal massacre comes under House debate More>>>>



BBC: Four senior security officials at the Nepalese royal palace have been sacked after last month's massacre in which the king, queen and seven other family members were murdered. More>>>>


Throne Of Blood: A canny businessman becomes king. More>>>>


Introducing Prince Paras "Black Prince II". More >>>>


Gorakhnath Math: Twist Of Faith. More >>>>



Professor says: I feel the royal massacre was carefully planned and executed, and leaves behind lots of trails which leads to the current King. Nepal must get rid of its monarchy and embrace democracy. Full Story>>>


Washington Post: "There was no postmortem, and nobody was allowed to see [Dipendra's] body" before it was cremated. "Nobody believes he did it, and nobody will believe it.".More >>>>


The palace should convert the Narayanhity Palace into a memorial and hand over the property of late King Birendra and members of his slain family to the government as there are no direct heirs. More>>>>


Indian President K. R. Narayanan wanted to attend the funeral of King Birendra on June 2 More >>>>


BBC: No more Khate in Nepal. More >>>>


Who  is this Nepal's most wanted man?...  More >>>>


What's the pain, not even flower for King from citizen? More >>>>


No democracy without information, no information without democracy. More >>>>


There is no proof that Deependra kill his own Family, if you any proof show it to us ....citizen. More >>>>


It was King Gyanendra who forced all Nepali to think twice to accept him saying automatic weapon suddenly started firing and killed all of one family selecting from hundreds... More >>>>


Dipendra was very disciplined boy ... More >>>>


Why only Birendra's Family wiped out? More>>>>


People yelled: "We don't want Gyanendra." More >>>>


Dangerous Royal Massacre in Nepal Take an Urgent Action to form an 'International Investigation Commission' for the Investigation of the Massacre. Sign this letter now.>>>. or e-mail Milan Karki


Memorandum letter to Kofi Annan: Being unsatisfied with the Report, the People are running different kinds of movements, but on the other hand, the Government is stopping them to run peaceful movements against the Report. At this moment, Nepalese People are demanding the ‘International Standard Investigation Body’ to run deep investigation of the Massacre....more >>>>


75% Nepali people are not believing it. They are not satisfied with the Report of the Probe Commission. By this cause, different kinds of movements are running in Nepal. But, on the other hand, the Government is stopping the people to run peaceful movements taking the 'Public Safety Regulations' and various Orders.more..>>>>>


Nobody has seen: Crown Prince Dipendra shooting his own mother and brother nor has anybody seen him committing suicide. The tendency of eyewitnesses speaking to foreign media even before they spoke to the Probe Committee also gave room for suspicion. Most importantly, people still find it very difficult to believe that the entire clan of King Birendra was killed ruthlessly at one go over some family feud.more...>>>>>>


Paras Says: He shot himself, he shot himself’. I asked him where was Bhai (Nirajan), he said he had been shot. I asked where was Thulo Muma (the Queen) he told me Thulo Muma was down, everyone was down and Thulo Muma had no chance. I did not see what happened…outside Bhai (Dipendra) was lying down groaning in pain. Nepal Times more..>>>>>>


Manisha Koirala does not foresee an easy kingship for King Gyanendra. ‘‘It would take the Nepalese a long time to digest anyone else in the shoes of their King Birendra, Manisha Koirala More >>>>


Canadian Visa refused for Nepalese Cricket Team More>>>> Whatever has happened inside the palace in that fateful night of June 1st, 2001 is certainly a worst thing that could happen to a country especially when it was going through its BAD TIMES. more>>>>


"Can you believe for this incident?"BBC asks more>>>


Jananews: Royal palace who is responsible..More>>>


Jananews: Kotparba and Bhandarkhal Parba more>>.....>


Gyanendra's statement: "sudden discharge from an automatic weapon" was translated as an "accidental discharge" by the foreign media, giving rise to much controversy More>>>>>.


Mr Justice: Do you have any proof :to show us that Deependra Kill his own and all family, you are lying MR Justice and Taranath More>> any proof to show us that Deependra kill his own and all family>>>>


Dr Devkota: "Now, if you ask me if there was a conspiracy. I should say, not directly. But there is a conspiracy in this country to turn our youth into drug addicts. Even the royal family is not safe. This is a conspiracy by the mafia and the traffickers." More"Dr Upendra Devkota, hiding truth behind>More news>>>>


Lethal Weapons: It is unimaginable as to how a person under drunken spell who can't take out his clothes on his own and has already vomited could collect that much of strength and courage as to suddenly change the dress on his own and carry such heavy lethal weapons and shoots his entire family members after travelling some distance from his personal shelter? More news>>>>>


Royals asked to keep quiet on massacre: A university professor, who declined to be identified, said it was hard to believe that Deependra had shot his family in cold blood. "There is obviously something missing in the sequence of events. Why was his body cremated under curfew? What are they trying to hide?" he asked. More News>>>>..


FOLKESTONE, England -- Hundreds of soldiers from Britain's Gurkha regiment have gathered to commemorate Nepal's slain royal family. "It was quite a moving event to see each soldier lay their flowers individually, much as people did for (Princess) Diana when she died," Beard told the Associated Press. More News>>...


CNN: Many refused to believe that Crown Prince Dipendra -- technically king for a weekend -- had killed his family and then himself, as officials privately say. More News>>>...

Update : H o t   T o p i c s  /  P a s t  N e w s 

-We want International Investigation (UN)

- Appeal From Human Rights Commission

-Violation of Human Right

- Leftist Party- Report is far from reality

- U will be arrested any time ?

- Who is going to answer these questions?

- Deependra kill his own and all family any proof ?

- PHD in Palace Politics

- Babu Ram Bhattarai sEnglish 


Click here for More Past News....>>>>>>>>

Warning     !     !    Warning    !   !   Warning 

Beware of new fake Rambo, this fake Rambo doesn't save you, instead, he shoot you from back. He is roaming around with the  name of  leader or social worker, stay away and keep your children at home. His name said to be TaraNath Ranabhat. He is deadliest than any creature  exit in this planet.  For your convenience, please see his photo below, identify him and do......  
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Who is  Killer ?

Who kill Royal Family ?

Cast your vote. 

Massacre | Poll Result

  % Vote
Paras Shah: 47% 12565 
Gyanendra Shah: 14% 3745
Dr Rajiv Shahi: 25% 6756
Deependra 12% 3312
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Comment of the Day

Late King Dipeendra Shah

Can I shoot myself on head twice?

Current King Gunendra Shah
I was in Pokhara,,  why ?
Devyani !I have done nothing wrong ?

Rajib, I know every thing ?
It is unfortunate for us ?

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Nepal Facts






Dead: 1. King Birendra  2. Queen Aishwarya  3.Crown Prince Deependra  4. Prince Nirajan (king's younger son) 5. Princess Shruti (king's daughter) 6. Princess Shanti (king's sister)  7. Princess Sharada (king's sister)8. Princess Jayanti (king's cousin) 9.Dhirendra (king's youngest brother) 10. Kumar Khadga (Princess Sarada's husband)

Others: - Police personnel ? - Army personnel ?

Injured: - H.M the Queen Komal , - Princess Shova (king's sister) 

On the Death Row:
- Kumar Gorakh (Shruti's husband), - Ketaki Chester (king's cousin) and many more...

Late King Birendra Bikram Shah Dev, late Queen Aishwarya Rajya Laxmi Devi Shah,
late King Dipendra Bir Bikram Shah Dev.
We All Miss You !!!


Disclaimer Notice:- This site is designed to get together across the world. Sole aim of this site is just to know the fact behind this Palace tragedy; who kill the Royal family?  Please have your say what you think about this Narayan Hiti Parba ? was it well planned ? if you say YES, then who took part and likely reasons, just say what you think unless you are eyewitness. Lets try to get together and air our voice, so that people living all over the world will know what we real Nepali people are thinking about this Narayan Hiti Parba apart from this Investigation panel. 

Dear friends, please respect other viewers of this site and try to maintain our standard and where possible try to avoid offensive and bad language. Lets try to air our voice across in respectful manner.

Please, have your say on our Discussion forum and do read what other peoples use to think about this Parba. As it contains controversial discussion regarding death of Nepal Royal Family occurred on 1st June 2001.This site is not responsible for accuracy of information provided in to this website.

If you wish to drop any comments or any suggestions please use Discussion forum or send us email at .

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